Are you still trying to decide your next meeting location? Allow us to make our case with these 10 open-and-shut reasons to choose College Station:

1. Availability of Superb Keynote Speakers.

As one of the nation’s most renowned academic institutions, Texas A&M provides easy access to many of the country’s best and brightest leaders in a wide variety of disciplines.

2. Preferential Access to Cutting-Edge Venues.

From iconic athletic venues with meeting spaces to versatile entertainment venues, you can qualify for rental discounts at A&M’s first-rate facilities through the Preferred Access Agreement.

The Ford Hall of Champions


3. Trendy Boutique Hotels with Swagger.

College Station is home to a pair of trendy boutique properties called The George and Cavalry Court. These fashionable hotels provide your guests with unforgettable stays in the heart of Century Square, College Station’s unrivaled entertainment and dining plaza.



4. Supreme Amenities Without the Hassle.

A world-class university and spick-and-span developments throughout our burgeoning community provide ample spaces and accommodations for large groups without the hassles and overcrowding of larger cities.

5. An Optimal Destination that’s Budget Friendly.

From cost-effective meetings to more extravagant events, College Station has the resources to accommodate any planning budget. Our generous stimulus package can also help offset your expenses.

6. Howdy Hospitality at the A&M Hotel and Conference Center.

The Texas A&M Hotel and Conference Center delivers a multifaceted meetings package for planners that includes entertainment options and easy accessibility to Texas A&M’s ultramodern facilities.

Texas A&M Hotel and Conference Center


7. A Prime Location for Every Season.

No time is the wrong time to Visit College Station. Whether it’s football season, Christmastime, spring, or summer, you can plan a memorable meeting anytime with our distinguished lineup of year-round activities and hospitable offerings.

Howdy Holly-Days


8. Countless Off-Site Event Options.

The events. The culture. The outdoors. College Station is vibrant and alive, with a multitude of intriguing off-site happenings to captivate your group.

9. Our Devoted Service is Impeccable.

Our work isn’t finished when we help you find the ideal venue and secure a competitive group hotel rate. From public relations to VIP gifts, our experienced and dedicated team of meeting planners stands ready to make sure your event runs smoothly from start to finish.



10. You Won’t Find a Friendlier Place.

Many Southern destinations pride themselves on hospitality, but College Station delivers a genuine warmth and friendliness that’s unmatched. Let us greet you and your group with a heart-felt “Howdy!” you’ll never forget.

By Zach Tigert, Visit College Station Marketing Coordinator