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Save on Your Meeting

Visit College Station is eager to help you achieve the best value possible. Not only do our hotels offer rates for any budget, but Visit College Station provides a generous stimulus package to help offset costs associated with planning an event.

College Station has superb full-service hotels, world-class dining, and fabulous amenities. Your dollars will stretch infinitely further in College Station than in larger, more expensive cities.

Stimulus Package

Offset event expenses, expand your promotions, and save money with College Station’s Stimulus Program. Tell us about your event needs, and we’ll customize the perfect package. We can help cover costs associated with facility rentals, food and beverage, transportation, marketing, and other direct event expenses. Qualifying is easy, so contact our staff today. We’ll work with you every step of the way.

Preferred Access Agreement

Through a Preferred Access Agreement (PPA) with Texas A&M, facility rental costs may be discounted when a planner books one of the university’s premier venues through Visit College Station or Compete College Station. Learn how you can qualify to host your meeting, conference, or sports event at one of Texas A&M’s stellar locations. Contact us for more information.