College Station, Texas

Welcome to Aggieland, Parents

You’ve been counting down the days, tried on countless outfits, and are a ball of excitement with just a hint of nerves. That’s right – it’s back-to-school time! But this time around, you can skip the studying and stick to seeing your favorite Aggie. Rest assured, your son or daughter has plenty they want to show you, from their carefully adorned dorm room to the late-night café that serves the best 2 a.m. pizza. Naturally, you want to see it all – the campus, the town, and the traditions. Not sure where to start?

Your college glory days are ahead.

Plush accommodations in a hotel lobby in College Station, TX.

Home Room

The days of futons and couch surfing are long gone. College Station offers accommodations ranging from luxurious to convenient, with many hotels located within walking distance from campus. No RA’s and maid service? Not a bad upgrade.

Book Your Stay
Cocktails being toasted at a bar in College Station, TX.

Meal Plan

After getting a taste of College Station’s food scene, you’ll no longer worry if your Aggie is eating well. Treat yourself to the town’s diverse flavors, from the trendy Urban Table — complete with an upstairs veranda and extensive wine list — to the lovingly made MAD Taco, where you can sip a gourmet margarita. Maybe you want to try “The Best Big Burger in Town” at Koppe Bridge Bar & Grill. But no matter your appetite, locally owned and universally approved restaurants will hit the spot.

Pamper Your Palate
A maroon Aggie tee-shirt at one of College Station’s boutique stores.

Intro to Retail

If you want to ace College Station Retail 101, a day of shopping is your best course of study. The Heart of Aggieland is home to unique boutiques and local treasures that go far beyond the bedazzled white and maroon A&M gear — though you absolutely need a few pieces in your closet. Venture out to explore local shops where you’ll find everything from trendy fashions and delicious delicacies to too-cute “oh-you-shouldn’t-have!” souvenirs.

Get Authentic Aggie Gear

Photography 101

If it’s not on Instagram, did it even happen? Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this quite as much as your student, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be filling up your camera roll faster than you can say, “Gig ‘em!” All around town, you’ll find picture-perfect spots that are begging to be your laptop’s new background. Put on your best Aggie gear and head out to capture some meaningful memories.

The War Hymn Monument in College Station, TX The War Hymn Monument
A floral mural outside of Stella Southern Cafe in College Station, TX Stella Southern Café
A giant wooden chair that says ATM and Howdy on it in College Station, TX The Warehouse at C. C. Creations
A mural that says “Greetings From Aggieland, College Station Texas” at Aggieland Outfitters in College Station, TX Aggieland Outfitters (George Bush Drive)
A memorial at First Down Park in College Station, TX First Down Park
A long green walkway in Brison Park in College Station, TX Brison Park


All work and no play makes … well, in Aggieland, we’ve never actually found out what it makes because there’s always something fun to do. Round off your college experience with a hefty dose of extracurriculars. Take in the sights, join in the fun, and bask in the knowledge that this time it’s about fun  — not just padding your resume.

Two local artists sell signs that promote College Station at a craft fair in COllege Station, TX.

Social Calendar

From Family Weekend to Homecoming, something is always happening in College Station. From the big-pulls that bring in thousands to our ever-rotating roster of special events, there’s an activity for you no matter what season you visit. Comb through our calendar and plan for fun.

Play More, Sleep Less
A war memorial in College Station, TX honoring veterans.

Field Trips

It might be hard to tear yourself away from campus, but when you’re in College Station, it’s an absolute must. You have your pick of nationally recognized museums and memorials, beautiful gardens and parks, and entertainment venues. Check out our variety of field trip options.

Broaden Your Horizons