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About BonAppeTea With our name deriving from bon appétit (good appetite), our vision is to leave you with an appetite that is satiated whether you had our thirst quenching bubble tea or our savory Bánh Mì. What is Bubble Tea? Bubble tea got its name from shaking the tea with other ingredients such as ice, milk, and sugar or syrup to provide both its delicious flavor and bubbly foam. More often than not, tapioca balls are added to the drink that has a chewy texture and provides an extra mph to the tea. Through various mixtures of the ingredients mentioned above, the tea comes in many forms such as flavored milk tea, flavored fruit tea, or simply honey flavored tea. What is Bánh Mì? Bánh Mì is a popular Vietnamese sandwich consisting of a baguette made from both rice and wheat flour filled with proteins, vegetables, spices, and sauces. Based in Texas As immigrants from Vietnam, we found ourselves at home with hundred of thousands of other Vietnamese and Asian Americans in Houston, TX. Like many other immigrants, we’re here to chase the American dream by pulling from our roots. With our first store opening in College Station, Texas, in the heart of Aggieland, we love to share our culture with fellow our Aggies with our appetizing food and drinks made from our own family recipes.
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