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BBQ 13-0

Everyone who goes to school at Texas A&M falls in love with this place, and its spirit, and its traditions, and its atmosphere, far more than any other students at any other university. Yet the town is overrun with “normal” restaurants, completely devoid of the main reason everyone is in this town: we bleed maroon! We are the Aggies, the Aggies are we! This restaurant is in the historic Northgate District, living the Aggie spirit for Aggies to love and for visitors to feel the experience! The taste of our fantastic BBQ sandwich mixed with the taste of Aggieland is a sweet savor you can’t forget. On November 19, 1915, Texas A&M beat our archival from Austin, t.u., 13-0. Those crazy Aggie boys bounded down to Austin to brand their mascot with the score! The t-sips in Austin couldn’t have their cow running around with that score, so they turned the “13” into a “B”, the “-“ into an “E”, they snuck in a “V”, and with the “0” it spelled “BEVO” (a well-known beer at the time, we hear). They eventually barbecued that cow up here in Aggieland, they barbecued another Bevo again later, and we’re still barbecuing Bevo to this day, Aggies! In this restaurant. It was all done unofficially for 100 years, but on November 19, 2015, we were deemed open for business by the city, exactly 100 years to the day after we barbecued Bevo on the field at A&M (not yet called Kyle Field). So while the business took 100 years to start, officially, we have been barbecuing Bevo since 1915. Long as we were gonna eat a yummy mascot, we went to the best chef in Texas to finish off the sandwich. Peter Madden, the chef who started up Madden’s in Bryan and Mad Taco, designed a unique and amazing series of BBQ sauces to turn the most delicious mascot into the most delicious sandwich. These sandwiches are high-falootin’! (They’re actually gourmet sandwiches, but you’ll have trouble getting’ us to say that out loud, we’re Texan.) So many of our customers are calling it not only the best BBQ sandwich they’ve ever had, but the best sandwich they’ve ever had, period. And the sides are unique and signature, too. Get down here and taste this!
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