By McKinzie Brocail

Tucked in behind Fuddrucker’s on George Bush Drive E is a lovely little bakery/crepe café and coffee shop called Sweet Eugene’s House of Java.

It is cozy, cool and quite eclectic. As you approach the distressed green doors, you’ll feel like you’re about to enter the wardrobe to Narnia! Go on and enter, you’re taste buds will be so glad you did!


The second the doors are open you’ll be smacked by the glorious scent of freshly roasted and brewed coffee. It’s delightful!

Gaze around and take it all in: This is the ultimate study place for Aggies. There are six or seven open sections, nooks really, that are blocked off by walls making them like separate rooms. Each nook is dotted with students and visitors studying or writing papers or relaxing with friends. No worries though, it doesn’t have that hush-hush atmosphere of a library.

Bold, colorful artworks line the walls. (They’re awesome and for sale!) With different flooring and seating, the nooks are even more distinguished as separate places. One such room is lined with books on one wall and totally feels like an indie library.

A suit of armor in one corner, a phone booth in another, and a study for, well, studying (or watching cat videos on YouTube…). All odds and ends fit in wonderfully here somehow.


You’ll be in awe of what your eyes see, but don’t forget to check out the food and drinks!

Their assortment has both breakfast and lunch items on the menu and includes wraps, sandwiches pastries, donuts and desserts. Drink-wise, they offer coffee, espresso, smoothies, shakes, specialty drinks and various hot and cold options. You cannot go wrong with anything!

We suggest the green tea or vanilla java shakes, but everything is great. They have a huge selection of crepes with clever names like “Crème of the Crepe”, “Crepes of Wrath”, and “Alexander the Crepe”.

Sweet Eugene’s has been around since 1993 and proudly displays that they are “Aggie owned, operated and brewed!”

Whether you’re going to grab breakfast, catch up with friends over coffee, or to studying in a chill place that supplies plenty of caffeine options, Sweet Eugene’s is as sweet a place as they come.

The ultimate cherry on top? They’re open early and late, so any time is a good time and there’s free WiFi!


McKinzie Brocail is a guest blogger for the CVB who works with Cherry Ruffino Realtors and loves that first cup of java each day.  You can see her other stuff at or @CherryRealtors

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